Betting predictions for Arsenal vs Bayern ICC 2019

The match of Arsenal vs Bayern at ICC 2019 will kick off on July 18 , the best sport betting odds of icc 2019 at FB88. Selecting your favorite odds and dont miss this match out.

Betting predictions for Arsenal vs Bayern ICC 2019

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The ICC 2019 is currently attracting all football fans around the world. By the participation of 12 teams from 6 countries. This is can compare as a miniature Champion Leagues. A series of big European Club such as Manchester Utd, Real Madrid, Bayer Munich, Juventus, … In particular, this year’s tournament has the participation of Gunners of Lonon.

The competition between Arsenal and Bayern is considered one of the most favorite match of ICC 2019. The Gunners closed the last domestic season with a 1-4 defeat at Chelsea in the UEFA Europa League final. The second place did not make Unai Emery coach happy. Therefore, they are taking steps towards new goals in the 2019 – 2020 season.

In others, the “Gray Lobster” ended his season with a 3-0 victory over RB Leipzig at the German Cup final. Entering this match; Bayer is quite impatient for a close victory.

Asian Odds

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While other Premier League Clubs are busy on the transfer market; Arsenal’s leadership has been very slow. They are indecisive when it is impossible to launch new player to prepare for the new season. All moves are just stopping at the rumor. This probably doesn’t make Arsenal fans happy. The ICC Cup tournament is considered the first move for the Gunners’ season.

However, at the beginning of the season; they met Bayern, the team will very well attitude. “Bayern” of course not let them have a chance to score. The Gunners will have to work hard to hope for a favorable result for the beginning of the season.

According to statistics on handicap odds; Bayern have won in 2 of their last 3 matches. Meanwhile, Arsenal have been powerless at 5 of their last 8 matches.

The FB88 sportbook sets Asian bets for the entire match, 0.5 left. The odds for Arsenal and Bayern are not much different between 0.98 and 0.94.

Europe Odds

The Bayern Munich team 2019 has a dramatic change. A series of healthy young blockbusters will replace veterans. In particular, the presence of Lucas Hernandez; the second most expensive midfielder in the world after Van Dijk; this made fans of “Bayern” happy. Bayern will certainly have a big change in the squad. The departure of Robben or Ribery will also make “Bayern” gray must change blood strongly in public goods. Young players will be able to show their strength this season.

Bayern has too many advantages to go to win this match. Next to a Gunner who has a stunner, a strong squad from the Bayern side is enough to make the opponent afraid. Representatives of Germany are judged to be better than the Gunners on the formation.

1X2 betting for Arsenal is 3.60. Bayern Munich receive 1.94 bets. Draw bet on the whole match 3.90.

Over/Under Odds

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In the past, Arsenal vs Bayern had the last 4 meetings. Bayern are the dominant team with 3 wins and only 1 draw against Arsenal. All 3 victories of “Bayern” winThe Gunners are with 4 difference space (with the score 5-1).
Fans can put higher trust in the Bayern side in this match. The specialist said Arsenal vs Bayern will have the score 1 – 3. Both teams will score.
FB88 sportbooks assigns will have 3 score. In it, betting on over odds 1.00. Betting on under odds is 0.90.

Betting Predictions for ICC at FB88

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