Lionel Messi Reply To C.Ronaldo : ‘Everyone misses Ronaldo’

Replying exclusively to Marca, Lionel Messi shared about Barcelona’s career, future, family, problems and especially rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

The interview with Marca was the first time Messi approved to answer the press depth since the beginning of September, when he answered Catalunya Radio . When the Argentine superstar was asked if he was surprised or not when Real Madrid were really remembering Cristiano Ronaldo  answered:

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“At the beginning of the season, I said Real Madrid is one of the strongest clubs in the world with great players. But the problem is that everyone will miss Ronaldo. He not only scored a lot of goals but also brought confidence both inside and outside the pitch, so that really didn’t surprise me. “

Lionel Messi: ‘Everyone misses Ronaldo’

Messi also emphasized that he will not accept an invitation to Italy to play CR7. “I don’t need to change anything. I’m in the world’s strongest club. My goal is to renew myself year after year. I don’t need to switch clubs or tournaments to set new goals. I am at home and do not need to change anything. “

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Besides the answers about Ronaldo, Messi also shared about Andres Iniesta when asked questions. “I really miss him (Iniesta – PV), both in and out of the grass. We played very long with each other, sharing sweet and sweet food in both victory and defeat. No he is too strange to me, “Messi said.

Messi also thinks that Barcelona’s conceding too much this season is a consequence of returning to a 4-3-3 scheme instead of 4-4-1-1 as last season.Last year, there was not too much space for Barca to score with a 4-defender diagram. This year is different, 4-3-3 has more space and defense becomes more difficult.

When asked about whether or not every time Barcelona failed, Messi did not want to mention this when he returned home, the Argentine superstar claimed to have. Even so, Thiago’s son is changing this.

“It’s true that in the past I didn’t want to talk about them. But Thiago now makes me explain why Barca failed and discussed them. Father and son talked about this much more than last year,” Messi. to speak.

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El Pulga also revealed that his eldest son Thiago is passionate about football when watching La Liga, Champions League and Barcelona fans. “I don’t know what he will do next, play football or not. Thiago is still very young (born in 2012 – PV), and what I want is that the boy will like what he is doing. I don’t care. Whether Thiago’s mind can be a football player, I just want to see my child happy. “

Messi also emphasized that his family with him is now more important than football: “As soon as I have children, my first priority is always my family. It is true that I love and live on football, but my family is number one. “.

Messi is in high form this season with 21 goals, 11 assists after 19 appearances in all competitions, helping Barca to enter the New Year with La Liga top five with a ticket to the 16th round of Champions. League.


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