Pep Guardiola – Jose Mourinho: “Special person” lost?

When the sacking of Jose Mourinho was announced by Manchester United; it was not just the time to end the “Special” dynasty at Old Trafford; but also to close the war for a decade on the middle training bench. Mr. and Pep Guardiola.

Manchester United Sacked Jose Mourinho

When Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona conquered Europe; Jose Mourinho went to Real Madrid with the mission to stop the “hurricane”; and as the fate of fate; only a few months after Pep Guardiola took the lead. Manchester City; Jose Mourinho was appointed to the hot seat with the task of rebuilding Manchester United post-Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mourinho had a more promising start when he brought Manchester United to three titles in his first year including the British Super Cup; the British League Cup and the Europa League while the rare white-handed career season showed Pep Guardiola Need more time to adapt to the country of fog.

jose mourinho vs pep guardiola

Then, it turned out to be a quick reversal since last season when the Spanish strategist and Manchester City broke the record on the journey to claim the Premier League; far ahead of Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United to 19. point.

The problems between Manchester United and Jose Mourinho began to simmer from here when the “second season” effect (always the national champion in every team that led) was broken.

jose mourinho be sacked

Prior to Manchester United; Jose Mourinho was a small number of football coaches whose name was just a guarantee of success and because of this; even if the “Special” tactics style didn’t seem like it. In accordance with the Red Devils tradition, people are still willing to ignore as long as there is a title.

But when Mourinho joined Manchester United in the second season; fans and media began complaining about the team’s performances.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City won the Premier League with 100 points last season 

Mourinho’s reaction? No longer the image of a “special person” who always receives all the talk about himself to protect his students; Mourinho begins to blame: from the initial flurry to personal names; from the coaching department; director Ed Woodward for not buying the required person until the players’ performances themselves.

pep guardiola win

“I want to use Martial, whose media constantly calls for a major kick in a very long time. I have eliminated Alexis but today; Martial has not completed the task of supporting the room. my dwellings. “ – Mourinho criticized Martial striker and did not forget to “swirl” the media after losing to West Ham earlier in the season.

The relationship between Mourinho and midfielder Paul Pogba is also one of the problems of journalism.

It all began when Mourinho deprived Paul Pogba’s vice-captain after the player publicly stated that Manchester United needed more attack instead of defending.

At the break between the two games against Southampton earlier this month; Mourinho called Paul Pogba a “virus” in front of his teammates and put him on the bench in the Premier League rounds since then.

Jose Mourinho has a bad relationship with Paul Pogba

Mourinho blamed it all while he himself was the biggest problem when insisting on protecting obsolete utilitarian football and revealing too many restrictions.

Defense is always the strongest point of the teams led by Mourinho but look at the statistics this season when Manchester United lost 29 goals in just 17 rounds – the result is only better than the last 4 teams and more … the whole season last 1 table.

In the midst of a constantly evolving football world; selfishness and conservatism have kept Mourinho back; leaving him unable to keep up with the harsh cycle.

mourinho pogba

In contrast to “Special People”; Pep Guardiola is constantly refreshing his football to adapt to the fierce football environment in England.

The first half of the season; but not meaningless to Pep; helped him realize that he could not succeed in the Premier League with Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

Manchester City still have a lot of ball but play more face-to-face; speed and variety; especially in the battered pieces.

Even in many matches this season against Liverpool in the Premier League or Hoffenheim in the Champions League; Manchester City are ready to cede the game to play stalking; waiting for the mistake to finish the opponent.

Xavi once talked about Pep: “His football philosophy evolved because he was always motivated to think and explore. So he could adapt to every football background and succeed.”

“Always promoting thinking and searching” – that is the fundamental difference between Pep Guariola and Jose Mourinho – between a person who is still steadily progressing with his team and a person who has just received a subpoena 3rd in his career in England.